Standard library behavior change for LazyMapCollection prefix to act as a Sequence

The Swift standard library provides lazy variations of its Sequence and Collection types, on which operations such as map and filter are implemented lazily. This means that the actual computations will only occur when the results are needed. In this Swift evolution pitch, Greg Titus proposes an addition to the standard library that improves the behavior of the LazyMapCollection type.

Private APIs, Objective-C runtime, and Swift

Objective-C and Swift can be used together, and it's still very common for apps and projects to contain a mix of both. Calling public Objective-C APIs from Swift involves exposing the APIs via a bridging header. However, calling private, or Swift-unavailable, Objective-C APIs from our Swift code is also possible, thanks to Objective-C's dynamic nature. In this post, Victor Pavlychko focuses on accessing such APIs using the Objective-C runtime.