Codable synthesis for enums with associated values

Swift 4 introduced support for automatically synthesizing conformance to the Encodable and Decodable protocols. It's a useful feature, most likely used by any application which handles JSON-based network requests. This Swift evolution pitch from Dario Rexin proposes extending auto-synthesis of these conformances to enums with associated values. I'm sure we will see this in an upcoming Swift version.

What went wrong with the libdispatch. A tale of caution for the future of concurrency.

Apple's Grand Central Dispatch (GCD or libdispatch) provides support for concurrent code execution on multicore hardware. It aims to remove the need for developers to directly manage threads, enabling them to instead think in terms of queues of work. In this very interesting post, Thomas examines some of the problems of using libdispatch, offering words of caution for the future of concurrency in Swift.