Building a Multi-platform App with SwiftUI

The Introduction to SwiftUI session at WWDC 2020 included content that focused on using SwiftUI to build multi-platform apps - i.e apps that work on both iOS and macOS. Building such apps can be done by separately building for each platform from a single codebase, or creating a Mac Catalyst app which runs an app built for iPad on macOS. In this post, Rick Wierenga looks at the former, providing a tutorial that shows us how to use a single codebase to build a HackerNews app for each platform.

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StackOv - An open-source SwiftUI Stack Overflow client for iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS

SwiftUI is still relatively new, and so the number of pure SwiftUI apps (i.e no UIKit) in the App store is probably low. This open-source app - a Stack Overflow client for iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS - is very nearly 100% SwiftUI, with UIKit really only being used for app lifecycle management. This is a great reference if you are working on your own SwiftUI app.