SwiftUI Hierarchy List

New in iOS 14 is the ability to easily create hierarchical lists using SwiftUI's List view type. Given a recursive data model that contains optional children of the same type as the parent, a List will display a tree-like structure with expandable rows. In this post, Federico Zanetello shows us how to implement our version of a hierarchical list, creating a custom type that is compatible with iOS 13. I like the approach Federico takes in his posts. Implementing our version of existing types and APIs is a great way of learning more about how the original versions work.

Handling deeplinks in iOS 14 with onOpenURL

Handling deeplinks using UIKit is cumbersome, requiring developers to implement logic in their App/Scene delegate which needs to know the full app structure to manipulate its navigation state. Thankfully, handling deeplinks with SwiftUI in iOS 14 is much more powerful and flexible. In this post, Donny Wals provides a complete example of using SwiftUI's new onOpenURL view modifier, showing us how views can modify their state as needed in response to a deeplink.