Open Sourcing Identified Collections

Most applications involve working with collections of data in some form, and it's common to model such data as a standard Array. However, as applications grow more complex, the limitations of Arrays might start to cause problems. Thankfully, this open-source library, created by the Point Free team, can help. It provides a new type called IdentifiedArray for working with collections of identifiable elements in a performant way.

StackOv - An open-source SwiftUI Stack Overflow client for iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS

SwiftUI is still relatively new, and so the number of pure SwiftUI apps (i.e no UIKit) in the App store is probably low. This open-source app - a Stack Overflow client for iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS - is very nearly 100% SwiftUI, with UIKit really only being used for app lifecycle management. This is a great reference if you are working on your own SwiftUI app.

Introducing Swift Service Lifecycle

Tom Doron from the Swift Core Team announced a new open-source project for the Swift server ecosystem. The Service Lifecycle package is designed to help server applications, i.e services, manage their startup and shutdown sequences. It's always great to see progress being made regarding Swift on the server, and in this post, Tom describes the new package and provides an example of its usage.

Apple open sources key Xcode refactoring components

This year at WWDC 2017, Apple delivered Xcode 9 beta. This release includes a new refactoring feature that supports the refactoring of Swift. This was great news and something the community eagerly awaited. Shortly after, Ted Kremenek took to the message boards to make another announcement - Apple will be open sourcing key parts of the engine that power the Xcode file-level transformations. It’s always great to see an organization open sourcing, and even more so when it comes to tooling.