Introducing Swift Service Lifecycle

Tom Doron from the Swift Core Team announced a new open-source project for the Swift server ecosystem. The Service Lifecycle package is designed to help server applications, i.e services, manage their startup and shutdown sequences. It's always great to see progress being made regarding Swift on the server, and in this post, Tom describes the new package and provides an example of its usage.

The Future of Swift on the Server

This is a really interesting piece from Tim Condon on the future of server-side Swift. Tim first writes about IBM's decision to step away from Swift, something which was obviously disappointing for the community. However, Tim then makes a solid argument for why he thinks the future is looking bright for Swift on the server, considering the planned roadmap for Swift 6 and numerous server-related non-Apple projects. I really like the reminder of how young Swift is, particularly when compared to languages such as Go and Rust.