The State of SwiftUI

Since SwiftUI's release in 2019, Apple has continued to evolve the framework, fixing many of the issues that were present in the early versions. In this post, Peter Steinberger takes a look at the current state of SwiftUI. Although Peter doesn't recommend going all-in on SwiftUI for production apps, he does recognize that it's the future at Apple, and many of the current concerns will be resolved over the coming years.

SwiftUI: Double-Edged Sword

I really like this short post from Mohsen Alijanpour. One of the many benefits of migrating to SwiftUI from the world of UIKit, which assumes we will build using the MVC pattern, is that SwiftUI is architecure-less. That is, SwiftUI doesn't assume what architectural pattern we will use when building. Here, Mohsen highlights this freedom, while also reminding us that such freedom comes at the cost of more responsibility.