Measuring Swift compile times in Xcode 9

Xcode Swift compile times are still a source of frustration for developers. The Swift type-checker, although improving with every Swift release, is a bottleneck. In this short post, Jesse Squires shows us how we can use two frontend Swift compiler flags to measure Swift compile times. We can then identify functions and expressions which take a long time to type-check, and update our code with explicitly type annotations. By doing so, we reduce the amount of type inference needed, which should lead to a reduction in compile times.

Apple open sources key Xcode refactoring components

This year at WWDC 2017, Apple delivered Xcode 9 beta. This release includes a new refactoring feature that supports the refactoring of Swift. This was great news and something the community eagerly awaited. Shortly after, Ted Kremenek took to the message boards to make another announcement - Apple will be open sourcing key parts of the engine that power the Xcode file-level transformations. It’s always great to see an organization open sourcing, and even more so when it comes to tooling.